The Founders’ Circle

The Founders’ Circle members are very important to the success of Lewis County Concerts. They are listed prominently on the back of every newsletter, and in every concert program. Here’s why.

You may remember that a few years back our organization was on the ropes.  Concerts weren’t that good so fewer and fewer people attended.  When Virgil Fox took over he knew we needed a strong financial foundation that would keep us from living “paycheck-to-paycheck”.  He created the Lewis County Concerts’ Founders’ Circle.

These folks made the commitment to pay $2,000 for a pair of tickets for the first year and then $1,000 every year after.  The Founders pay extra because they believe in what we are doing for our audience and for our community.  We are overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity demonstrated by the Founders’ Circle members year after year.

Their substantial annual contributions are why we can afford to book top-quality performers without charging huge ticket prices.  Their donations above and beyond the Season ticket price also allow us to give scholarships to fund local students to pursue their musical talents.

The Circle is not closed, there’s an opening for You.  When you join the circle you will be warmly welcomed as a friend among friends who know the value of bringing these excellent concerts to our community.

All of us play a necessary part in this organization, whether as volunteers or patrons, and we’re grateful for every single person.  Still, Lewis County Concerts would most likely not be celebrating “75 years of Musical Excellence” without the generous involvement of the folks in the Founders’ Circle.  If you know any of them, or even if you don’t, please go up and say, “thank you” for what they do for Lewis County Concerts year after year.  They are our financial foundation.

  • John Alexander
  • Frank and Judy DeVaul
  • David and Viki Draper
  • Gary and Melissa Fox*
  • Virg and Carol Fox*
  • Hank and Jenny Kirk*
  • Bob and Louise Lund*
  • Frank and Barbara Mason*
  • Larry and Becky McGee*
  • John and Marie Panesko*
  • Gail and Carolyn Shaw
  • Art and Glenna Symons*
  • Richard and Linda Tausch
  • Robert and Vondean Thompson*

*Charter members